What is Best Price Guarantee Hotels?

Best Price Guarantee Hotels is an international quality label, which ensures the guest, they always get the lowest price and best service, when they book directly with the hotel. Hotels, which use this label, are obligated to follow the guidelines set by Price Guarantee Hotels.


Nights booked

at the Danish hotels
from January 1st 2016
and until today*


Bookings made

 outside the hotels
 from January 1st 2016
and until today**
(Ex. by Booking.com or Hotels.com)


Danish kroner

in commissions gone abroad
from January 1st 2016
and until today***
(Ex. to Booking.com og Hotels.com)


Danish kroner

lost for the guests
and Danish hotels
in 2012

77% of your guests visit your hotel website before booking.
84% would like to book directly, if they knew, that they could get the same price and warranty.
Hotel Report - January 2014

We understand the cooperation with OTA, but why not get some of your lost commission back?


Type in the number of nights booked per year and the average price in the box below, and then calculate how much your hotel can save in commission by joining Price Guarantee Hotels.

= 40.000 Kroner per year 

We would like to be contacted:


More info:

Hotel Gruppen

Direct: +45 9840 7610
Email: info(at)hotel-gruppen.dk

"Inform your guests, tell the message and make sure they book directly at your hotel in the future". A long-term hotel cooperation pays off.

Requirements for your hotel: 

  • The guest must always get the lowest price for direct booking. 
  • The guest must be able to book and pay online on your website. 
  • The guest must be able to pay with both Danish and foreign cards. 
  • The hotel must actively use the Price Guarantee Label. 
  • The hotel has to tell the message to the guests.

What does your hotel get out of this agreement?

  • Membership in Price Guarantee Hotels. 
  • Codes for implementing the label on your website. 
  • Automation of up to 6 different languages via IP addresses. 
  • Private approve-page on www.prisgarantihoteller.dk (6 languages). 
  • The right to use the logo and all marketing material.

What more can your hotel do?

  • Visible booking, pricing and other important information (WiFi) in the front. 
  • A possibility of booking on any device (Web, Mobile & Tablets). 
  • Several languages on the website and set prices in different currencies. 
  • Distribute bonus-coupon with Best Price Guarantee label, when the guest checks out.
  • Be active on Facebook and other social media. 
  • Use the live chat and be active, when the guest visits your website. 
  • Use parameter booking and optimize your online booking flow continuously.